What Does A Marketing Agency Do?

What Does A Marketing Agency Do?


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A marketing agency offers marketing services to businesses across the marketing spectrum. 


Most marketing agencies are hired with a specific purpose or goal for a limited time, while others are long-term partners supporting a company’s function.


An agency helps companies in the phases of planning, execution, and evaluation of their marketing strategies. The agency can offer a specialized service (niche focus), or a group of services to a company as full-service.


The right marketing agency uses a roadmap that can be summed in the following lines:


1. Running market research, the marketing agency uncovers ideas and opportunities close enough to their client’s needs and marketing goals.

2. They develop a great marketing plan to help the client achieve their goals.

3. They watch and monitor the results of their campaigns.

4. Analyzing the outcome, evaluating, and optimizing the marketing campaigns.


What Services Do Marketing  Agencies Offer?

An agency offers various marketing services. 


Some agencies offer the whole package, like having an external department with marketing professionals ready to take care of your business.


Building your online presence, running email marketing campaigns, digital advertising, a little public relations, copywriting, search engine optimization, and brand awareness—all services offered by full-service marketing agencies.

Services of a Marketing Agency

On the other hand, other types of marketing agencies with a team of experts focus only on specific marketing activities or a limited range of services. 


For example, a social media marketing agency can benefit your business only on social media platforms. 


Or a digital marketing agency that can take over all your marketing efforts for content creation or Google Ads. 


But they are limited only to specific sectors of your marketing needs.


Performance Marketing (PPC / Media Buy)

Performance Marketing, usually pay-per-click and media buy, are paid channels. You only pay for objectives achieved, whether that’s traffic, leads, or customers.


There are two main categories of performance marketing channels:


PPC, aka pay-per-click. When your digital agency runs ads across different channels, usually Google Ads, Meta Ads, Bing Ads, etc.


With Media Buy, we refer to the traditional means that a marketing company uses (like TV, newspapers, media presence, etc.) but also to online marketing platforms.

The goal is to achieve the best equation between the right time, the most viewers, and the lowest prices. 


Media buying is quite challenging, and you usually need specialized professionals in each network to perform well.


Growth-onomics is a Performance Agency that can help you with performance marketing, SEO, and lead generation.


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Content Marketing & SEO

Content Marketing is quite broad and refers to images, videos, podcasts, and articles, all wrapped into a marketing strategy to attract and engage your target audience.

Content marketing is very important to build awareness or a funnel to convert your audience into paying customers.


SEO, and search engine optimization, are usually grouped under content marketing as a distribution strategy or a standalone acquisition channel.


It is the process of optimizing your content to appear high in Google or other search results and attract more traffic to your website.


SEO is one of our specialties in Growth-onomics. You can book a call with one of our specialists to get an SEO audit.


Social Media Marketing

Social media is a great way to reach your audience wherever they are.


A social media marketing agency can handle your social media strategy, advertising, or posting strategy.


Lead Generation

Lead generation campaigns are focused on delivering leads over any other results.

This is suitable for companies with strong sales-led teams that need to scale up their acquisition.


A digital marketing agency uses various methods from ABM to CRO and Advertising to bring results to the clients.


Website Development

Your website is the face of your online presence. A great website can create a positive first impression on potential clients.

Many marketing agencies also offer web design services.


That means taking care of planning, designing, and developing your website, as well as the maintenance and updates you will need along the way.


Branding or Research

Whether you want to build a brand from scratch or improve your current perception, a specialized marketing agency can help you with market research or a branding strategy to achieve those.


That might include messaging, positioning, graphic design, or other relevant services, and include initiatives like customer interviews to better understand your target client.


Agency vs In-House Recruitment

It is a tough choice to decide on the right marketing strategies for your business, between an agency with fully digital marketing services and an in-house marketing team. 


When you have no time to invest, hiring an agency is a safe bet.


An expert marketing agency can take up the burden of handling your marketing activities with fewer risks involved than hiring an internal team.


On the other hand, if you want someone to get in-depth into your marketing efforts, be at the heart of the decision-making of your marketing plan, and have the time and will to interact with this range of services, then an in-house team is the best option to have.


Pros of Hiring a Marketing Agency

1. Cost-effective

2. Team of experts in all fields

3. A fresh perspective of your brand

4. Access to knowledge from multiple clients

5. Access to a variety of tools and latest technology knowledge

6. Time-saving and quicker escalation

Pros and cons of a marketing agency.


Cons of Hiring a Marketing Agency

1. You are not the only client

2. You still spend time interviewing to find the perfect match

3. Less control of your marketing efforts


How to Choose a Marketing Agency

The best digital agency for your business is one you have good communication and trust and offers high value for your budget.


Here are some questions you can ask yourself before choosing the right marketing agency.


  1. Does this agency have similar case studies and proof of marketing services to present?
  2. Does this agency have adequate expertise in all aspects of marketing fields?
  3. Can this agency reveal the true potential of your brand?
  4. Can this agency serve your needs and treat your company as unique and not a copy?


If more than half of the answers are YES, then you have already found the right answer!


Growth-onomics is a Performance Agency that can help you with performance marketing, SEO, and lead generation



What problems can marketing companies solve?

A marketing company can help your business create and execute a marketing strategy.

All these are crucial for the existence of a company, accompanied by a constant online presence and an innovative way of tracking down opportunities and achieving goals.


How do marketing agencies help businesses grow?

Marketing agencies offer services that companies lack internally or are needed for quick scaling.


Each agency is different in what it offers, and can usually bring knowledge, expertise, and deliverables to the table that you could not achieve by hiring internally.


What do you do if your marketing strategy lacks innovation and impact?

First, you must be patient. It takes time for a strategy to show the real results. 


But in case your strategy keeps failing, you can ask your marketing firm to revise the plan and come up with better solutions. 


If the feeling of low innovation and impact remains, you are free to search for another option. The market is full of marketing agencies, and not all of them are suitable for every business. It’s an open market and it’s your right to find the perfect match to your brand.


What criteria should I use to evaluate a marketing agency before hiring them?

There is no right answer to this question since each company has different needs to cover. A general advice is to follow the first impression rule. 


If, in the first few minutes, an agency can persuade you that they will be meeting deadlines, and will provide you with high-quality services, it has a good combination of experience, knowledge, and expertise, and of course, the whole package comes with the right number in the bill, then your decide is almost taken.


This content is the product of human creativity.