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What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring website adherence to search engine guidelines for easy crawling and indexing. 


Consider a technical SEO audit to pinpoint your website's existing SEO issues and assess what needs to be improved.

Why Does Your Website Need Technical SEO Services?

You can’t expect your SEO efforts/campaigns to return successful results without following technical SEO best practices. 


Here’s why your business needs professional technical SEO service.

Without Technical SEO

☹️Poor Website Structure
⚠️Slow Page Load Times
🔂Redirect Issues
📉Loss of Potential Leads & Organic Traffic

With Technical SEO

🤗Better User Experience
🤏Reduced Costs
🎯Improved search engine ranking

Growth-onomics Technical SEO Service Overview

Website Speed Optimization

We make websites lightning-fast to keep your visitors engaged, reduce bounce rates, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Enhancing Search Engines' Crawlability

We help search engines understand, find, and index your site by optimizing your website's content & structure for crawling.

Website Optimization For Mobile Devices

Whether it's a smartphone or tablet, we ensure your website seamlessly adapts to any mobile device. This allows users to access your content and services seamlessly on the go, regardless of their device.

Website Security Enhancement

We strengthen your website's defenses with robust security measures, safeguarding your site and visitors' data from online threats which builds trust and confidence in your brand.

How We Improve Your Website's Performance Technically?


Technical SEO Audit

Find out what’s preventing your website from ranking high in search results with our technical SEO audit.


Our team will analyze the structure of your site, mobile compatibility, and speed to ensure both search engines and visitors can navigate it easily.


Competitor Analysis

Get the insider’s scoop on your competitors’ success!


We’ll dissect your competitors optimization strategies with a powerful toolkit for hidden conversion opportunities and a winning SEO plan based on their keywords, rankings, social media presence, and backlinks.


Meta Data Analysis

Our technical SEO service for WordPress meticulously analyzes and corrects all meta tags for improved search engine visibility. 


We’ll optimize your meta descriptions, title tags, alt attributes, and more, ensuring no mismatched metadata hinders your SEO climb.


Image Optimization

Eye-catching images engage visitors, while slow loading times kill the buzz. 


Our SEO specialists tackles this by optimizing images for speed , search engines, and discovery, all while using the best plugins and formats. This keeps visitors happy and your site ranking higher.


Speed Optimization

Don’t let website sluggishness drag you down! Our technical SEO wizards diagnose speed issues hindering your site for improved user experience & search rankings. 


We streamline code, eliminate unnecessary redirects, employ caching and content delivery networks to supercharge your website’s performance.


Structured Data Markup

Search engines, often struggle to grasp the brilliance of a website’s content for several reasons.


Structured data markup acts as a translator, helping search engines crawl, display, and understand your content. We employ Google’s Structured Data tool to ensure everything is optimized.


Keyword Research

With industry trends & consumer behavior in mind, we pinpoint the right keywords for your target audience.


This ensures your website speaks the language your visitors are searching for, resulting in more visibility and increased traffic.


Backlink Analysis

Your website’s backlink profile is examined to identify high-authority and trustworthy links. 


We rely on various data sources to discover these valuable connections, measure their authority, and gauge their social media reach. 

The information we collect is used to improve your website’s online reputation.


Penalty Recovery

Google penalties can hurt your website’s ranking.


Our technical SEO team utilizes Google Search Console to diagnose the issue, whether it’s algorithm changes, black-hat SEO tactics, or something else.


Once we pinpoint the culprit, we can help you craft a backlink strategy to address it.


Website Migration

Website migrations can be tricky, especially when switching platforms, domain names, or security upgrades (HTTPS).


In the wrong hands, these changes can negatively impact your website’s performance.


Our team is well-versed in ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining website performance.

Here's How We Do It


Initially, we develop a marketing plan based on your goals and challenges.


Our SEO efforts are built on this insight to ensure success.


With the right tools in place, we make your business stand out online.

Partner With A Result-Driven Technical SEO Company

Having a good technical SEO strategy for WordPress or another CMS is crucial for online success. When you have a strong technical optimization SEO strategy in place, it’s easier to identify website issues, deal with them right away, and ensure everything is in order.

Here’s what to expect from our technical SEO company:

Technical Expertise

As a leading technical SEO company based in Cyprus having a team of technical SEO specialists supervising your project every step of the way - we aim to deliver results by identifying, planning, and implementing data-driven SEO recommendations for your toughest SEO challenges.

Proven Track Record

Growth-onomics Technical SEO team has worked with hundreds of companies globally to improve their digital presence through technical SEO. Our SEO technical audits helped us identify and resolve multiple recurring issues and implement strategies that delivered results.

Analytics & Reporting

By analysing your website, we can uncover actionable insights to reach your SEO goals. Our team takes a personal approach with ongoing consultation, regular direct communication, and reporting. We support you in every step of the way to achieve better results for organic channels.

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