Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Accelerate Your Brand Growth with Proven PPC Marketing

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Our expert team of marketers stays on top of the latest trends within the digital marketing industry to ensure your business never loses its competitive edge.

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Why Use PPC To Grow Your Business?

Better Targeting

PPC ads offer better targeting as they can be placed across multiple websites with advanced options to reach your desired audience.


PPC ads affordability makes them a great choice. Paying only when a user clicks on your ad minimizes costs and improves return on investment (ROI).

Enhanced Visibility

With PPC, you can still appear at the top of the SERP even if you aren't ranking organically.

Fast Accurate Testing

With PPC, you can easily test ad variations and tweak campaigns for maximum impact.

Results Tracking System

PPC platforms and tools provide you with detailed insights into your campaigns' performance, so you can track ROI and improve your campaigns.


Why Us?

Our team of PPC experts designs meticulously tailored campaigns tailored to your ideal audience.
We don’t just drive traffic; we deliver conversions.

Certified Advertising Experts​

Growth-onomics is certified by Google and other major advertising platforms. Our team is up-to-date on all best practices and can help you maximize sales and leads. Invest in PPC advertising that fuels your company’s growth and leads to long-term profits.

Detailed Reporting

We understand how important it is to communicate and report effectively as a specialist PPC company. Google Looker Studio powers our detailed reports. You can use these reports to better understand your audience, their needs, and how to serve them.

Case Studies & Client Reviews

Say goodbye to wasteful spending on ineffective clicks. Using our expertise, companies of all sizes can maximize online advertising’s potential. Our PPC wizards utilize cutting-edge targeting techniques, analyzing audience behavior and preferences. Take a look at our client success stories.

No Long Contracts, Just Results!

Get solid results each month. 30-day subscriptions – billed on a monthly basis. We provide short-term subscriptions that are flexible and cost-effective, ensuring that you only pay for results. Enjoy top results with pay-as-you-go! There are no long-term contracts unless you want them.

Client Reviews

Monthly Subscription

Now you can improve your entire advertising with One PPC within 30 days. No long-term contracts need to be signed as we guarantee results within 30 days. Subscribe today!

Price Plan

Minimum Term
Account Manager
Competitor Research
Audience Research
Campaign Setup
Ad Copywriting
Management & Optimization
Google Data Studio
Google Analytics


3 Months


G-o x 2,500


G-o x 2,500

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