Terms & Conditions

We are super excited to have you on Growth-onomics.com (the “Website”).

The Terms and Conditions (“Agreement”) outlined here set forth the legal terms and conditions that all users, visitors, clients, and customers (“You”, or “Your”) must comply with when visiting the website or engaging in business with us. These terms and conditions also provide information about refunds and money-back guarantees.

By using Growth-onomics, all of the following obligations are invariably accepted.

Content On Growth-onomics 

Every piece of content on this website, including images, videos, company logos, icons, landing pages, footer, header, blogs, and other content, belongs to Growth-onomics. Copying, repurposing, modifying, republishing, or distributing this content is prohibited.

Without the consent of Growth-onomics, no personal information should be disclosed to anyone.

Infringing upon a trademark, copyright, or other relevant legal jurisdiction will result in legal action. Any person who violates the law by illegally using our website content will face civil and criminal penalties by Growth-onmics.


Whenever the organization deems it necessary, it may halt, dismiss, or reject any project without giving its reasons or prior notice. 

Any rights the client previously possessed over the developed materials shall be forfeited upon cancellation or dispute. The organization will then be the sole owner of everything following such an event.

Payment Policy

Our growth marketing services, such as performance marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), Content Marketing, and other digital marketing services, will be billed on a recurring monthly basis.

Client Feedback And Approval

Each Growth-onomics project is subject to client approval and written feedback. Growth-onomics reserves the right to retain the project costs if the client fails to provide feedback within 30 days or when the project concludes(regardless of what occurs first). A full refund cannot be contested in such a case. There is, however, the possibility of a partial refund upon mutual agreement.


Client Websites

Growth-onomics takes no responsibility if any of its clients or their entities suffer damages. Clients dissatisfied with our services have the right to request a refund, and afterward, cease using our website. Growth-onomics disclaims any responsibility for accidental leaks or data loss from the search engine.

Growth-onomics relies on white-hat SEO practices that stand in line with the respective search engine’s most recent guidelines. We undertake action on clients’ websites after getting their approval beforehand.

Changes To the Client’s Website

All of our respectable clients are highly advised to back up their websites at all times to prevent any case of data loss. Further, our clients are strongly advised not to make changes to the website without contacting us first.

Search Engine Penalties

Growth-onomics has no responsibility if a search engine penalizes a client’s website for whatever reason. Growth-onomics adheres strictly to white-hat SEO strategies that comply with Google’s guidelines. Moreover, we always notify our clients before making any changes to the website.

SEO Work

Growth-onomics will not be held responsible for any de-indexing or removal of website links by Google. Growth-onomics will also not be held responsible for any downgrade in rankings caused by search engine updates. Our responsibility does not extend to performance issues relating to the ISP provider, hosting, etc. that are beyond our control.

Image Policy

Growth-onomics incorporates streaming imagery as part of clients’ projects unless they prefer to pay for specific images. In order to serve our clients, we use images that are legally acceptable. Growth-onomics never incorporates images protected by copyright.

Terms and Conditions Changes

Growth-onomics will update, amend, or modify this page if its terms and conditions change. We encourage users to check this page frequently to be aware of our policies. Growth-onomics does not have a legal obligation to notify clients of changes to terms and conditions.

Growth-onomics Images Policy

Every image on Growth-onomics belongs to us. It is strictly forbidden to use these images without Growth-onomics’ prior written or verbal approval.

Privacy Policy

For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy page. Click here to view our Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy.