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Lead Generation

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Leads keep businesses alive while qualified leads help shorten the sales cycle and accelerate growth. 

Our demand generation experts can help you build a scalable lead generation machine to:

Increase Qualified
Leads Pipeline. 

Shorten Your Sales

Improve Conversion

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Our Lead Generation Services

Leverage Growth-onomics expertise to target the right audience and acquire qualified leads. Choose the type of service you need and find out how Growth-onomics optimizes sales for businesses on different platforms.

Lead Gen Outsourcing

We take care of lead generation, create the asset, and landing page, and run the campaign for you.

Cold Email

We source leads, prepare scripts, and automate sequences to reach your ideal customers.

B2B Lead Generation

We fill your sales funnel with a steady stream of qualified leads to keep your sales team busy!

LinkedIn Lead Generation

We leverage LinkedIn's power to generate new, highly qualified leads and make valuable connections.

Our Lead Generation Process

Eliminate erratic lead generation with our innovative 6-step lead generation approach that utilize market research, data-driven insights, and personalized engagement to deliver qualified leads and convert them into valuable customers for predictable growth.

01 Identify The Ideal Client

Imagine casting a net and catching the exact fish you want. 
Growth-onomics doesn’t waste time on generic marketing; instead, we get extremely precise on using the right bait and target precisely where your prospects reside.

Through in-depth discussions and market research, you’ll get answers to questions like:


1. Who are they? 

Demographics & firmographics (age, income, location, company size, industry).


2. What challenges do they face? 

Pain points, frustrations, and unmet needs. What keeps them on edge all the time?


Although demographics give us a good place to start, powerful ICPs go beyond them.


3. What are their goals? 

Aspirations and desired outcomes.


4. What factors influence the decisions they make? 


We then craft an effective message to bring in the exact leads primed to convert.

02Create The Landing Page

Your landing page is the digital handshake ‚Äst the first impression that convinces visitors that they’ve arrived at the right place.
Your business might miss out on valuable leads if you have a confusing or cluttered landing page with a weak call to action that drives visitors away. 
Our expert team of designers and copywriters:

1. Grab Attention

High-quality visuals and a clean layout keep visitors engaged.


2. Speak Their Language

Headlines and content directly address your ideal client’s needs and pain points.


3. Highlight Benefits 

Clearly explain how your solution solves their problems and improves their lives.


4. Minimize Friction

Forms are mobile-friendly and only ask for essential information.


5. Include Strong CTAs

Tell visitors exactly what you want them to do next (download, subscribe, etc.)

03 Craft An Irresistable Lead Magnet

Imagine this: A potential customer lands on your website, brimming with interest in your B2B solution.
But then they see your lead magnet offer ‚Äď a dry, generic white paper gathering dust online.¬†Poof!
Their excitement vanishes faster than a free trial with hidden fees.
This scenario is all too common. The truth is, most lead magnets are lead ZZZZZ magnets, putting prospects to sleep faster than a bedtime story.
At Growth-onomics, we ditch the drowsiness
and craft¬†conversion magnets ‚Äď high-voltage content¬†designed to jolt your ideal B2B customer
profile (ICP) awake with excitement.

1. Deep Customer Insight

We don’t create lead magnets in a vacuum. We craft them after in-depth research and analysis of your ideal customer profile (ICP).



2. Targeted Content Creation

We craft targeted lead magnets that directly address their challenges and offer actionable solutions. 



3. Actionable & Data-Driven

Our lead magnets aren’t just fluffy ebooks; they provide practical insights, templates, or checklists that users can implement immediately. We leverage data and industry trends to ensure the content is relevant and valuable.



4. High-Quality & Engaging

We don’t compromise on quality. Our lead magnets are professionally designed, visually appealing, and well-written, keeping users engaged and eager to learn more.



5. Multiple Format Options

We understand that people learn in different ways. This is why we offer a variety of lead magnet formats (e.g., ebooks, white papers, infographics, webinars) to cater to diverse preferences.



6. Seamless Integration

Our lead magnets are designed to seamlessly integrate with your marketing funnel, nurturing leads and pushing them further down the sales pipeline.



The Result? Highly compelling lead magnets that convert website visitors into qualified leads, ready to engage with your business.

04 Build A List

Imagine pouring your marketing efforts into building a B2B lead list, only to discover it’s riddled with holes ‚Äď irrelevant contacts, outdated information, and dead ends.¬†
Your precious marketing budget is draining away faster than a leaky bucket.
This doesn’t have to be your reality.¬†
At Growth-onomics, we take a holistic approach to building targeted B2B lead lists that convert, ensuring
you reach the right decision-makers at the right time.

1. Strategic Opt-in Forms

We’ll place strategically designed opt-in forms throughout your website, landing pages, and lead magnets, offering valuable content in exchange for contact information.


2. Double Opt-in

We’ll use a double opt-in process where subscribers confirm their email address, ensuring we have accurate and engaged contacts.


3. Segmented Lists

We’ll segment your email list based on subscriber interests and behaviors, allowing for personalized communication that resonates more deeply.


Once we have leads in our database, we can nurture them with valuable content and guide them toward conversion.


We continually test and refine our list-building strategies to improve both lead quality and volume over time.

05Run High Converting Ads

Blowing your budget on ads that generate nothing but empty clicks?
Welcome to click purgatory ‚Äď a place where vanity metrics mock your efforts.
But what if your ads could be lead-generating powerhouses?
At Growth-onomics, we craft ads that break free from the click abyss. 

1. Laser-Focused Targeting

We ditch the scatter-shot approach and use deep buyer persona development and advanced data to pinpoint your ideal customer. 

2. Content that Captivates

Forget generic copy that puts prospects to sleep. Our ad creatives are like captivating cliffhangers ‚Äď they grab attention, spark genuine interest, and make your target audience crave more.

3. A/B Testing Obsession

We’re fanatics about continuous improvement. We A/B test everything ‚Äď headlines, visuals, CTAs ‚Äď to ensure your ads are constantly optimized for maximum conversions.¬†

4. Landing Page Harmony

Your ad is the invitation, but the landing page is the party. We ensure a seamless transition, with landing pages designed to convert clicks into qualified leads. No more jarring transitions or confusing layouts ‚Äď just a clear path to lead generation.


5. Multi-Platform Mastery

From Google Ads to LinkedIn Ads and beyond, we’re experts in the B2B advertising landscape. We tailor strategies to each platform’s strengths, maximizing your reach and engagement with your target audience.

The Result? ad campaigns that are lead generation machines.

06 Automation Sequence

Imagine you’ve cast a wide net and captured a pool of potential customers.


But here’s the problem: nurturing them one by one is like trying to wade through quicksand ‚Äď slow, exhausting, and
you might never reach solid ground.


That’s where most businesses get stuck.


They spend countless hours crafting individual emails, watching their precious time and resources sink into the abyss of manual lead nurturing.


But what if you could automate this entire process, freeing yourself to focus on closing deals and growing your business?

1. Ditch the Drip, Embrace the Hyperdrive

Our sequences aren’t slow, one-off email drips. They’re targeted message blasts triggered by a lead’s specific actions (downloads, website visits, etc.), delivering the right content at the perfect moment to keep them engaged.


2. Nurture While You Sleep

Imagine nurturing leads even while you’re catching Zzz’s. Our automated sequences work 24/7.¬†


3. Free Yourself from Repetitive Tasks

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks like sending follow-up emails. Our automated sequences handle the heavy lifting, freeing you up to focus on the high-impact activities that drive revenue. Think of it as your own personal marketing assistant, tirelessly working behind the scenes.


4. Become a Data-Driven Jedi Master

We don’t just set it and forget it. We monitor your automated sequences with laser focus, analyzing results to see what resonates best with your audience.¬†


5. Seamless Integration

Our automated sequences integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing tools (e.g., CRM, email marketing platform).


The Result? An automated lead generation machine that works tirelessly, freeing you up to focus on what matters most.

Is Lead Generation Right For You?

Lead Generation Is The Right Move If You: 

Have an in-house sales team
with not enough leads?

Struggle to generate
high-quality leads for your

Your traditional method of lead
generation isn’t producing
substantial results.

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