5 Signs Your Website Needs SEO Help

5 Signs Your Website Needs SEO Help


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5 Signs Your Website Needs SEO Help

Business owners have no choice but to acknowledge the need for an effective digital presence.  


Having a website is just like having an online business card for your company.


In other words, it’s a place to tell your story and showcase what you do. Still, there’s more to it than what you post about what you do on your website. 


The problem is that many business owners still don’t emphasize this aspect of their business much, making them lose out on potential customers.


Unfortunately, in an online world, you don’t exist if your website lacks an up-to-date SEO strategy.


A well-designed website is worthless without search engine optimization – design matters and the two go hand in hand, making it crucial to do everything possible not to fall behind your competitors.


To help you, we have compiled 5 signs your website needs SEO help. 


Let’s get started.


Sign #1 – You don’t appear or rank highly in the search results

If your business website isn’t appearing on 1st page, you definitely need SEO help.


You already put your hard-earned money into building a website for your business, but if it doesn’t appear in search results, you’re out of luck.


Whatever the primary goal of your website is – if they can’t see you, you don’t exist for them, even if you’re selling world-class diamonds for cheap.


According to Hubspot, 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engines.


The vast majority of Internet users will only glance at the search engine’s top results. They won’t bother scrolling down all the way. Search engine rankings are, therefore, crucial.


As you utilize the true power of SEO, you will discover which strategies to use and which to avoid. With SEO, your website will move in a direction based on a strategy worth your time and strip away the ones that aren’t worth the effort.


You can use keywords that appeal to the right audience to accomplish this. By combining location-based and broader keywords, you’ll be able to reach people near you and a wider audience.   


Sign #2 – An abrupt decline in traffic

Initially, everything was going well, and you were receiving a lot of traffic, then you woke up one morning to an abrupt decline in traffic for no apparent reason. An issue like this can be highly problematic.


Why? Because an abrupt decline in traffic is indicative of a variety of factors such as:

  • Maybe your website has received a penalty from Google for violating one of its quality guidelines.
  • Perhaps it’s because outdated content posted on your site needs updating.
  • Or maybe it’s because of the technical difficulties your site is experiencing.

An SEO-deficient company is unlikely to be able to bounce back all on its own. 

Companies need SEO Experts who can analyze affected sites for problems that negatively affect web traffic.


Moreover, SEO agencies can assist you in regaining lost traffic while focusing on acquiring more. 


Sign #3 – Traffic exists but isn’t converting

Finally, loads of people are visiting your site, yet you are puzzled as to why you aren’t bringing in any revenue.


Even though the content on your website is outstanding and the design is stellar, your visitors bounce off the page.

Remember – an increased bounce rate can lead to Google penalizing your organic search results.


Heatmaps are what you need right now to understand your visitors’ behavior. Your visitors might behave differently compared to what you expected them to do, so make sure to check their behavior.


You can analyze your funnel to find where most people leave your website. Find out what’s causing the drop-offs, and make your page more user-friendly.


There are several ways to measure a website’s conversion rate, including:

  • The speed at which users purchase your products or services
  • Get in touch
  • Or sign up

Consider updating your website with clear call-to-action (CTA) buttons, intuitive navigation, and fresh material. 


As you follow this process, conversions will start to improve, and you will begin to see a spike in your revenue. 


Sign #4 – Your website is cluttered

A website cluttered with a lot of unnecessary information and other stuff is likely to discourage visitors.


Your visitors may run for the hills if you don’t address these factors:

  1. Broken links within the content
  2. An insufficient number of internal links
  3. Pages that are all messed up
  4. Content with no headings or images,
  5. No search bar 

Your website’s landing page is often the first thing visitors see when they visit your website. Ensure your website has a landing page with SEO copy. The SEO copy on this page will encourage visitors to take actions you want them to.


Don’t know about SEO Copywriting. It’s a big deal you’re missing out on.


Hire an SEO professional today to take care of it.  


Sign #5 – Your marketing budget is dwindling due to paid ads

If your business is highly investing in paid ads, you may find it an expensive method of getting traffic to your website. The effectiveness of paid advertising cannot be disputed, but it is also very costly. 


If that traffic doesn’t result in paying customers, you’re looking at a lot of expenditures that new revenues won’t cover.


Meanwhile, you aren’t reaping the benefits of organic traffic that you can take advantage of for more extended periods.


This is where SEO’s true power comes into play. However, SEO is cost-effective, with lower costs than PPC, which takes a little longer to produce results; nevertheless, once it gets rolling, momentum begins to build rapidly.


The bottom line is that you shouldn’t abandon your PPC campaigns. Perhaps it’s time to consider how an SEO agency can help increase your return on investment and increase your online visibility.  


The good news is that you don’t have to go alone if your small business experiences any of these 5 signs.


At growth-onomics we are always ready to help you spread the word about your brand and get it in front of as many people as possible. 


For more information on how we can assist you in growing your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here


This content is the product of human creativity.