20% Increase in Real Estate Client’s Traffic in 3 Months

20% Increase in Real Estate Client’s Traffic in 3 Months


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Disclaimer: As a white-label marketing agency, we keep our clients’/websites’ names confidential out of respect and courtesy.


Client: Premium Real Estate Agency


Target: Luxury Real Estate Market


Problem: Declining Organic Traffic for 2023


Client Background

Our client – a name synonymous with luxury real estate, holds a solid reputation in the real estate industry as a trusted advisor. 


Most of his clients find and view his listings through his website. With 85% of its website traffic originating from branded terms, the client had a loyal customer base that he wanted to grow for valuable keywords. 


Despite this, the client witnessed a concerning decline in organic traffic throughout 2023.


This decline translated to a significant drop in qualified leads generated through the website, with newer competitors in the market surpassing the website in search results.


Recognizing the need to expand traffic sources and attract high-net-worth individuals searching for luxury properties online, the client sought an SEO partner with a deep understanding of the real estate market. 


Consequently, the client entrusted Growth-onomics to develop and implement a successful SEO strategy in February 2024.


The Challenge

The client’s website, while aesthetically pleasing, posed a unique challenge. 


Our client experienced a 20% drop in organic traffic compared to last year. Also, during this period, the website generated relatively few qualified leads.


It utilized a single-page application (SPA) structure, which offers design flexibility but requires specialized SEO considerations.


While technically sound, the website’s initial loading speed carried a notable delay, hindering user experience and potentially impacting search engine rankings. 


Additionally, the SPA architecture posed crawling and indexing challenges for search engine bots.


Why Growth-onomics?

The client approached Growth-onomics, seeking a performance-based SEO agency with a proven track record of success in the luxury real estate sector. 

They were impressed by Growth-onomics’ commitment to:


Understanding Real Estate Market: The Growth-onomics team is well versed in the real estate market, specifically online behavior and search patterns of high-net-worth individuals.


Data-Driven Approach: We rely on a data-driven approach, utilizing powerful SEO tools and analytics to identify potential opportunities and measure results.


Performance Focus: We prioritize measurable results, utilizing strategies that generate more organic traffic and qualified leads.


SPA Expertise: We possess the technical SEO expertise necessary to optimize SPA websites for strong search engine performance.


Growth-onomics’ Process

Our collaboration with the client began with a comprehensive SEO audit. 


Through this in-depth analysis, we were able to clearly identify the website’s strengths and weaknesses and provide actionable insights for improvement. 


Following the audit, a customized SEO strategy was implemented to meet clients’ needs and tackle their SPA website’s unique challenges.


Our 3-Step SEO Strategy

Step #2: Link Building

Building Domain Authority

A crucial component of our strategy was establishing the client’s website as a trusted authority in the real estate sector. 


We achieved this through a targeted link-building campaign. 


We focused on acquiring high-value links from relevant local directories and prestigious international real estate websites to address the client’s need for both local and international reach. Local citations were, therefore, critical for our local SEO efforts. 


Additionally, we secured high-quality backlinks through strategic guest posts on reputable websites frequently visited by elite property seekers.


Quantifiable Results

Through guest posts and link insertions, we acquired 40+ high-quality backlinks within 3 months, enhancing the website’s domain authority and online visibility.


Step #2: On-Page SEO Optimization

Keyword Targeting: We worked with the client’s existing keyword research to identify valuable, high-intent key terms relevant to properties in their target markets.


Optimized Content: Based on the insights gathered, we optimized title tags, meta descriptions, and content headings with the chosen keywords.


This practice improved the website’s relevance to user search queries and search engine algorithms. 


User Experience: Beyond keyword targeting, we focused on improving the overall user experience by optimizing content readability and ensuring a clear call to action on each page.


There’s still much left to work on, as the real estate niche is big and very competitive.


Step #3: Technical SEO

Speed Optimization: Reviewing the website was technically sound, with the main downside being loading speed and minor internal linking problems.


We collaborated with the client’s development team to implement technical SEO best practices, including code optimization and caching strategies. 


We also suggested improvements on how a SPA website has to deliver the code to the users and crawlers.


We analyzed the website’s SPA structure to ensure proper indexing by search engine bots, which is usually difficult with SPA websites due to missing <a href> elements on links.


20% Growth Within 3 months

Our implemented strategies yielded positive results within a short timeframe.


The client’s website experienced an impressive 20% organic traffic growth within just 3 months, as visualized in the graph below.


Traffic temporarily dipped following the Easter vacations, a common trend in the real estate industry.  


Additionally, a Google update around the same time caused a slight fluctuation. 


However, the client’s development team promptly implemented minor adjustments based on Growth-onomics’ recommendations, and traffic resumed its upward trajectory.


Increasing Keywords & Positions

Our strategic SEO efforts not only increased the website’s overall traffic but also improved its ranking for targeted keywords, especially on the first page of Google.


We were able to achieve:


  • 140 new keywords: The website gained visibility for 140 new keywords relevant to luxury properties in the client’s target markets.


  • Top 3 positions: The number of keywords ranking within the top 3 positions on search engine results pages (SERPs) increased by 35-70.  


  • Top rankings: Google ranked 30-80 keywords between positions 4 and 7 for the website.



These improvements indicate a substantial increase in the website’s visibility for searches conducted by high-net-worth individuals seeking luxury properties. 


The new keywords specifically targeted:


Local Markets: A significant portion of the new keywords focused on specific towns and neighborhoods within the client’s local luxury property markets.


High-Value Clients: We strategically targeted keywords associated with luxury property types and amenities desired by high-value clientele.


Call-to-Action (CTA)

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This content is the product of human creativity.